File No. 861.00/2932

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


465. Major arrived here left Petrograd 16th instant gives a horrible account of Bolshevik cruelties saying that 43,000 innocent men and women are imprisoned, hundreds being killed daily. My conclusion is that the only way to end this disgrace to civilization is for the Allies immediately to take Petrograd and Moscow by sending sufficient troops therefor to Murman and Archangel without delay; 50,000 would serve but 100,000 would be ample. Poole says could take Petrograd with 10,000, could not hold it.

Bolsheviks gaining strength by terrorizing. Russians correctly reason that if no additional Allied troops come the Allies will be driven from northern Russia and all Russians will be exterminated by the Bolsheviks, consequently efforts to mobilize army against the Bolsheviks and Germans doomed to failure unless Allied forces materially increased at once.

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Furthermore Bolsheviks have captured Kazan, Samara, and Simbirsk and the Czechs reported routed Allies [along?] Volga. Bolsheviks hold Perm and Vyatka and are reenforcing Kotlas. Unconfirmed reports state that they are doing successful propaganda work among the Czechs in upper [Urals?] where Czechs becoming inoculated with Russian politics. If our policy of having the Czechs remain east of Urals is followed, the Bolsheviks with German assistance can drive small Allied forces from Archangel and Murman. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to capture Moscow and Petrograd from Vladivostok before the Germans can send troops to assist Bolsheviks, but if, however, forces promptly sent Murman and here, Germans are too much occupied in France to render material aid.

Kemp, candid talker, says the United States most culpable ally, that Allied forces so [too?] small and that horrible slaughter by the Bolsheviks is a disgrace to the Allies.

How do we construe supplemental treaty of August 20 [27] between Germany [and?] Soviet? Of course we will not desert Russia but if Bolsheviks not promptly suppressed there is danger of a revolution in Austria and if proletariat dominates Russia and Austria-Hungary all countries are in jeopardy from radical social revolution.

Does our reply to German peace proposal just received include Russia when it states armistice can not be proposed to Governments associated with us against the Central powers “so long as the armies of those powers are upon their soil”?