File No. 861.00/2819

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


428. Have had conference with two representatives Siberian government arrived Archangel 23d. They report object of Siberian government is struggle against Brest Litovsk peace; creation of national Russian army; organization of common anti-German front with Allies; restoration order and social life which will result in regeneration of Russia. Jurisdiction or influence of government extends east to Chita; west including Ekaterinburg where exists independent [Page 548] local government but closely allied with Siberian government Omsk; south to union with Dutov,1 with whom relations friendly; north to Arctic Ocean, immense area population approximating 30,000,000. They report Siberian government financially independent and has loaned Samara local government 20,000,000 rubles, 15,000,000 of which secured by silver taken from Bolsheviks. …

[One representing] Siberian cooperatives on special mission to arrange for purchase agricultural and other machinery and sale of Siberian products England and America; says 15,000,000 pounds butter are stored also large quantity of flax; have concluded visa his passport for America.

These officials state railroad and telegraph open east to Vladivostok by both lines. Please cable if true. This leaves only Perm, Vyatka and Vologda held by Bolsheviks.

  1. Ataman of the Orenburg Cossacks.