File No. 861.00/1774

The Consul at Moscow ( Poole ) to the Secretary of State


504. Information received to-day practically confirms rumor of German ultimatum to the Soviet government reported my No. 492.

It is stated now that ultimatum contains three conditions: (1) immediate departure of British and French troops from Murman Peninsula; (2) occupation of Fort Ino near Petrograd; (3) disarmament of Lettish regiment which is now serving as personal guard to the Bolshevik leaders. We learned that the demand based on ground that Letts are [not] Russians but foreigners and should be sent to their native land. Demand respecting withdrawal French, British troops considered critical and evidence accumulating of consternation in Bolshevik circles accompanied by tendency on their part to seek assistance of the Allies.

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There is press gossip of further German demands involving economic reforms and the restoration of order through the placing of German troops of occupation at important centers. Possibility of German occupation of Moscow within near future again being discussed by serious people.