File No. 861.00/1293

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


Cole wires answering inquiry concerning rifles en route Petrograd from Archangel that 50,000 ordered by Red Guard but that local committee sailors shipped 210,000 [rifles?] and 16,000,000 cartridges: still 110,000 rifles at Archangel.

Haynes 2 reports all attempts to pass Americans through Red and White Guard lines unsuccessful, that impossible to dispatch vessel from Stockholm, account mines, and that Germans have landed in Hango and their aeroplanes been over Helsingfors for several days; that peace will be signed and Germans will take Petrograd.

Summers 3 thinks peace will be ratified as no army in opposition in any way; says greatest danger now is drifting of sentiment of educated classes to Germany on account of the continued persecution by Bolsheviks.

  1. Thornwell Haynes, Consul at Helsingfors.
  2. Maddin Summers, Consul General at Moscow.