File No. 861.00/3552

The Consul at Irkutsk ( Thomson ) to the Secretary of State 1


Referring to my 27th.2 Semenov’s General Skipetrov arrived Verkhneudinsk with armored train and arrested the garrison commander there and all officials loyal to Kolchak government. Due to a Bolshevik uprising near Kansk, which is 500 miles west of Irkutsk, the Kolchak troops [at] Irkutsk are being sent westward and will not be able to oppose Semenov at Verkhneudinsk. The Bolshevik uprising will probably be liquidated in a few days but in meantime all communication is interrupted between Irkutsk and Omsk and Consul General Harris will not be able to telegraph Washington until insurrection is put down.

  1. Sent via the Legation in China.
  2. Not printed.