File No. 861.00/3320

The Consul General at Irkutsk (Harris) to the Secretary of State2


213. Vice Consul Thomas now stationed Chita reports as follows: [Page 450]

Concerning refusal Semenov to recognize Kolchak. Semenov staff says this applies not to ministry but to Kolchak personally. They expect Kolchak resign but if not they say they are ready to declare autonomy of eastern Siberia as temporary government, that they count on support of entire eastern Siberia and possibly have agreement with Horvat. Representative here of Omsk government confident Horvat will stand [by] Kolchak government and that Semenov will receive no support outside his own small divisions and many people attribute Semenov action to Japanese for two reasons: (1) Kolchak is Anglophile and wishes Japanese troops withdrawn; [2] Semenov will prevent turning over the Siberian Railroad to the United States on the principle that this could not be done if United States will not recognize government here.

Representative people think the disorder is being caused for the benefit of Michael, brother of Tsar, who is rumored to be in Irkutsk. Such a movement would receive wide support.

  1. Sent via the Legation in China.