File No. 861.00/3306

The Consul at Harbin ( Moser ) to the Secretary of State 1


Avksentiev, Argunov, Rogovski, Zenzinov, the four ministers arrested at Omsk, arrived to-day on a special train under heavy guard with machine guns. Are being deported to China via Changchun state [station]. They were saved from execution after six days in jail by Allied protection. Report conditions in Omsk quiet but foreshadow disaster, owing to extreme measures inaugurated by Kolchak but [which] were tempting [tending] to turn moderates into Bolsheviks.

[Page 448]

I know Kolchak well, consider him capable, honest patriot but fear he will be helpless unless America and Allies indicate substantial approval and support. Harbin quiet but sullen under authorized proclamation threatening punishment to Kolchak political opponents. Japanese have completely changed tactics and show great friendliness to all elements of population but are secretly doing everything to undermine Kolchak. Semenov fostered by Japanese who, I believe, are still supplying him with arms and money. Responsible Russians and foreigners see in Kolchak’s organization best opportunity to restore order if Semenov will not (?) attempt to overcome. Respectfully suggest desirability of Ambassador’s unofficially supporting Kolchak by sending experienced advisers to [Omsk], Former Japanese consul here also recommends sending Clagett of Major General Graves’s force through to Omsk where their presence will greatly encourage and assist better Russian elements in the restoration of order. American operation of railways absolutely imperativei to provide against serious economic situation this winter. Price of railway cars now 8,000 rubles per car between Changchun and Harbin; 20,000 rubles from Harbin to Irkutsk.

Harbin Russians and Allies uniting with Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving to-morrow. Russian and Chinese population join in celebration of Allied victory 30th instant. Our publicity here turning hopes all classes toward our allies. Inform Mott Harbin district will give more than 100,000 dollars to united war work. Russian merchants alone will contribute over 100,000 dollars rubles [sic].

  1. Sent via the Legation in China.