File No. 861.00/3285

The Consul at Vladivostok ( Caldwell ) to the Secretary of State


296. Local representative Committee Public Information on November 23 received from his Shanghai representative following message which has been published as Committee Public Information telegram:

Washington, November 21.

News received at the Department of State of Admiral Kolchak’s appointment is regarded as another sign of the movement relied upon for regenerating Russia. More optimism felt than for months. Admiral Kolchak is regarded as a man who will not abuse his authority and strong enough not to be swung by popular demonstrations.

While this does not state who so regards Admiral Kolchak’s appointment, message is so worded as to give impression that above is attitude of the Department of State and is so considered by both foreigners and Russians and commented on by Russian press as such being considered official owing to distribution through Committee Public Information.

Am not convinced that this is correct. Would greatly appreciate expression from the Department of State relative thereto.