File No. 861.77/548

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


2856. I have to-day discussed with the Japanese Ambassador here the four points contained in the following telegram to the American Ambassador at Tokyo. [Here follows telegram of November 16, 1918, noon, to the Ambassador in Japan, infra.]

Please take up this matter with the Minister of Foreign Affairs orally, leaving with him a copy of the text of the telegram sent to Ambassador Morris [except last paragraph]. Inform him also of substance of [last paragraph] and say to him that the United States desires to keep his Government fully informed of what it does in regard to Russia. I shall be very glad to know how far his Government shares the views of the United States and whether if he sees no objections the diplomatic representative of his Government at Tokyo will be informed accordingly.

Repeat to Archangel for information. Repeat mutatis mutandis to Paris, Rome, except last sentence.