File No. 861.00/2617

The Chargé in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State


The following is the substance of a mutilated telegram received from United States Consul General Harris by way of Uliassutai and Urga:

287, August 13. In accordance with instructions of General Poole commanding Allied forces in Murman, which instructions were brought here by Captain Jones, Czechs were asked to advance on and take Perm and Vyatka in order to effect a junction with the Allies at Vologda at the earliest possible moment. In endeavoring to carry out this plan Czechs are meeting unexpected and strong resistance and flank attacks from organized bands of Magyars and German prisoners commanded by German and Austrian officers. (Passage undecipherable.) Taking of Perm will be delayed indefinitely and in all probability will be impossible without reenforcements from Allies in Siberia. As no reliance (?) can be placed in the Russian mobilization and as guns are not available in any case, all the burden falls on the Czechs whose losses are heavy. Please communicate immediately with Allied forces in Siberia to hasten advance and send officers to strengthen the Czech staff. In view of the fact that recent battles have been exclusively with German and Austrian prisoners commanded by German and Austrian officers, the Allies need have no fear of fighting against Russian Bolsheviks. All ask that Allies in east inform General Poole at Murman that unless reenforcements are forthcoming immediately it will be impossible to [Page 361] carry out his instructions as above stated regarding junction at Vologda.

Remainder of telegram received undecipherable but apparently makes urgent request for information as to plans of Allies for the relief of the Czechs.

The above repeated to Tokyo, Harbin, and Vladivostok for communication to American military and naval authorities.