File No. 861.00/2493a

The Secretary of State to the Japanese Ambassador (Ishii)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: In the course of our conversation Tuesday afternoon we touched upon the number of American troops ordered to proceed to Vladivostok. Since then I have gone into the matter very carefully and I now take this opportunity to communicate to you that there have been ordered 8,763 men and 251 officers.

As a matter of fact there are two regiments, which on a war footing contain 3,699 men each. Both regiments would have a strength of 7,398 men. These are the only combatant troops. In addition to the soldiers and fighting units there are such complementary units as field hospital, ambulance, bakery, intelligence, telegraph, staff officers, base hospital and medical supply depots. This accounts for the difference between the figures 7,398 and 8,763, the difference between the two representing the numerical strength of all these various units, which are attached to the expedition for medical, hospital and similar work, but which are not a part of the regular military fighting strength.

I have understood from the Secretary of War that your military attaché has been furnished a complete and specific statement, outlining in detail the strength of the entire expeditionary forces.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing