File No. 861.00/2483

The Consul at Vladivostok (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State


95. Following telegram dated July 8 received from Consul Ray,2 Novo Nikolaevsk, having been forwarded to Urga by messenger and transmitted by Russian diplomatic agent there:

The government created last January by the popularly elected Siberian territorial parliament in Tomsk has assumed power and its authority has been accepted throughout western Siberia from near [Page 343] Irkutsk to the Urals, except in Ekaterinburg. Conventions of peasants and Cossacks held and [at] Omsk voted to support new government. The new ministry is composed of representatives of all moderate parties including the Constitutional Democrats [who support] government. Five ministers now in Omsk, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Premier, who is Vologodski, conservative Social Revolutionary, prominent Tomsk lawyer. Complete order is maintained with popularly elected Zemstvos and city councils in operation and organization new army proceeding as rapidly as limited equipment permits. Fourth of July government issued declaration independence Siberia until federation can be effected with other Russian states after expulsion Germans and usurping Bolsheviks and convocation All-Russian Constituent Assembly. Government is pro-Ally and declaration of war on Central powers delayed only by desire to ascertain whether united Allied support can be obtained in the matter of munitions. As soon as Ural Diet consolidated [omission] eastern Siberia can be taken [omission] but we suggest Czechs in Vladivostok be armed and sent to help other Slav peoples against Teutonic oppression. Recommended prompt recognition and support with munitions and money, thereby preventing the dispatch 300,000 Hungarian and Austrian prisoners to French front.

  1. John A. Ray, Consul at Odessa, detailed to Tomsk.