File No. 861.00/2382

The Consul at Vladivostok ( Caldwell ) to the Secretary of State


65. Siberian provisional autonomous government informed Allied consuls they consider essential that before Allied troops are landed here Allied Governments should make public declaration of position and purposes, should recall their military officers now with Horvat and should come to an understanding with Siberian government in order to secure latter’s cooperation in military campaign which it is believed Allies are about to undertake in Siberia. Both Siberian government and Czechs desire immediate American railway assistance which I recommend American Railway Service Corps be instructed to render at once but for Czechs rather than Siberian government unless we decide to give them the encouragement they would desire [derive] from receiving such assistance. Horvat, 26th, issued proclamation ordering all government institutions obey his instructions. To-day Siberian government notify that above order is to be ignored and any one obeying it or distributing such orders will be prosecuted.

Peking and Tokyo informed.