File No. 861.00/2357½

Memorandum of Conversation between the Third Assistant Secretary of State ( Long ) and the Chinese Minister ( Koo )

In the course of the conversation had with the Chinese Minister to-day he referred to the subject of China’s participation in any military force that might be sent into Siberia and argued that such military participation and control of the Chinese Eastern Railroad were integral parts of an aggressive activity which China would like to contribute to the Allied cause. He also hinted that it would have a good political effect on the internal affairs of China if the people had some force operating outside the Chinese border and had some definite and concrete action in conjunction with the Allies. He urged it further upon the ground that it would give China a standing amongst the other nations of the world which she did not have without it and which would be magnified if there was a military action in territory immediately adjoining her by governments with which she was associated in the war against Germany.

Breckinridge Long