File No. 861.00/2351½

Memorandum of Conversation between the Third Assistant Secretary of State (Long) and the Chinese Minister (Koo)

The Chinese Minister called to ask about the reply we had received from Japan which he said he saw in the morning paper had been received.

I told him that I was not at liberty to indicate to him its nature. He expressed considerable regret because he would be unable to advise his Government, stating that they had every desire to cooperate with this Government and to follow any policy this Government might outline, but that they could best do that if they were advised of [Page 304] the plans, intentions, and advices received by this Government. He said that his Government had not been advised at the time the plan was submitted to Japan and that he had hoped that he would be taken into our confidence at this time. He asked what information he could send his Government. I replied that I could only indicate that he would be able to say that we had received a reply but did not feel it to be advisable to communicate it to anybody at this time.

Breckinridge Long