File No. 861.00/2340½

Memorandum of Conversation between the Third Assistant Secretary of State (Long) and the Chinese Minister (Koo)

The Chinese Minister called to-day and said that his Government was desirous of being represented in any Allied body of troops which [Page 300] might go into Siberia. He asked for some definite information about the proposal which had been made to Japan. I gave him no additional information but told him that this Government would be very glad to consider any suggestions his Government might care to make, but that it being a military matter in which the different Allies were represented the inclusion of China in a military contingent would have to be referred to the Inter-Allied Military Conference in France.

He said that his Government probably would make the request to have one or two thousand troops associated with the military body and would take it up with America, Japan, England, and Italy.

Breckinridge Long