File No. 861.00/1360b

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan ( Morris )


Please take the first suitable opportunity to say confidentially to the Minister of Foreign Affairs that this Government most earnestly hopes that the Japanese Government understands that our attitude in regard to Japan’s sending an expeditionary force into Siberia is in no way based upon suspicion of the motives which would induce the Japanese Government to take such action in the event that it seems advisable. On the contrary we have implicit faith in the loyalty of Japan to the common cause and in her sincere desire to bear unselfishly her part in this war.

The attitude of this Government rests upon the fact (1) that, from the information which we have received from various sources, we must conclude that the moral effect of such action upon the Russian people would be bad and would undoubtedly work to the advantage of Germany; and (2) that the evidence which we possess is insufficient to show that the military effect of that action would be great enough to compensate for the moral loss which it would entail.

You will especially impress upon his excellency our full reliance upon the good faith of his Government and our sincere hope that the reasons for our policy are not misconstrued.