File No. 861.00/1270

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia (Francis)


Your No. 2, March 10, 6 p.m. No instructions to Vladivostok save to deal with constituted authorities. Press reports concerning Lvov apparently German propaganda.

Semenov with small force of Cossacks in Trans-Baikal between Chita and Manchurian frontier reported fighting force of Bolsheviks and prisoners of war. Has received some support from Horvat and Russian Minister, Peking, Prince Kudachev.

Reports from Blagoveshchensk disturbing. Amur Railway communications temporarily cut. In clash between Bolsheviks and local militia and Cossacks twenty Japanese who had joined militia reported killed or wounded. Two thousand Chinese troops apparently frontier guard at Helampo across the river. Prisoners organizing near Khabarovsk. Macgowan at Irkutsk reports no change in situation.

President’s message to Russian people1 and Department’s telegrams of March 11 and 122 indicate clear purpose of this Government to assist Russia to restore her integrity and freedom.