File No. 763.72/5548

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State

No. 781

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of a translation of a note from the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, dated May 15/28, 1917, in which, acknowledging my communication to him relative to the arrival in Russia of the Special Diplomatic Mission headed by the Honorable Elihu Root, the appreciation of the Russian Government is set forth in terms that will undoubtedly prove as gratifying to the Department as to this Embassy.

I have [etc.]

David R. Francis

The Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Tereshchenko) to the American Ambassador ( Francis)

No. 104/12

Mr. Ambassador: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of May 13/26 instant, in which you transmitted to me the eloquent declaration of the American Government regarding the arrival in Russia of the Extraordinary Mission.

While expressing to your excellency deep gratitude for this information, I feel constrained to tell you how much the Russian Government appreciates the recognition of Russia’s services in the world war which is set forth in this note, and how gladly it concurs with the wish of the American Government to arrange for the mutual exchange of views regarding the best means for conducting the war against the principles of militarism and autocracy which have been established [Page 114] in the country of our adversaries, and constituting a serious menace to the liberty of all nations. I hasten to assure you that the Russian Government and all the Russian people are preparing the heartiest welcome to the Extraordinary Mission of the President which is coming hither from the great transatlantic Republic which, throughout all its history, has been reared on the lofty democratic principles of liberty, equality and justice.

Accept [etc.]

M. I. Tereshchenko