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The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis )


1428. You may state to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the information of his Government that the High Commission now on [Page 111] its way from this country to Russia is sent primarily to manifest to the Russian Government and people the deep sympathetic feeling which exists among all classes in America for the adherence of Russia to the principle of democracy which has been the foundation of the progress and prosperity of this country. The High Commissioners go to convey the greetings of this Republic to the new and powerful member which has joined the great family of democratic nations.

The commissioners, who will bear this fraternal message to the people of Russia, have been selected by the President with the special purpose of giving representation to the various elements which make up the American people and to show that among them all there is the same love of country and the same devotion to liberty and justice and loyalty to constituted authority. The commission is not chosen from one political group but from the various groups into which the American electorate is divided. United, they represent the Republic. However they may differ on public questions, they are one in support of democracy and in hostility to the enemies of democracy throughout the world.

This commission is prepared, if the Russian Government desires, to confer upon the best ways and means to bring about effective cooperation between the two Governments in the prosecution of the war against the German autocracy which is to-day the gravest menace to all democratic governments. It is the view of this Government that it has become the solemn duty of those who love democracy and individual liberty to render harmless this autocratic Government whose ambitions, aggressions, and intrigues have been disclosed in the present struggle. Whatever the cost in life and treasure this supreme object should be and can be attained only by the united strength of the democracies of the world, and only thus can come that permanent and universal peace which is the hope of all people.

To the common cause of humanity which Russia has so courageously and unflinchingly supported for nearly three years, the United States is pledged. To cooperate [with] and aid Russia in the accomplishment of the task, which as a great democracy is more truly hers to-day than ever before, is the desire of the United States. To stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, against autocracy will unite the American and Russian peoples in a friendship for the ages.

With this spirit the High Commissioners of the United States will present themselves in the confident hope that the Russian Government and people will realize how sincerely the United States hopes for their welfare and desires to share with them in their future endeavors to bring victory to the cause of democracy and human liberty.