File No. 861.00/3352

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


3281. In a conversation with Minister for Foreign Affairs to-day, I pointed out to him the free access which Bolsheviks in Russia have had for their propaganda in Sweden and also the ability they had to use Sweden for transmitting the Bolshevik propaganda to the United States and the Associated Governments. The Foreign Minister informed me that the Swedish Government has been taking step towards Bolshevikism in Sweden and preventing its being brought into Sweden itself and he confidentially informed me that Sweden had now withdrawn most of its representatives in Russia and that by the end of this week he expected to be in a position to stop the Bolshevik couriers coming into Sweden and also expected that other diplomatic relationship between the Bolsheviks and Sweden would be terminated at that time and they expected to get rid of Vorovski, the Bolshevik Minister here, and his associates.

I understand that Denmark is also withdrawing her officials and subjects from Russia and within the next few weeks expects them to have been withdrawn.

Repeated to Paris. Copy to London.