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The Minister in Norway ( Schmedeman ) to the Secretary of State


1337. My telegram No. 1313, November 5.1 British Chargé d’Affaires has telegraphed his Government recommending that the Associated Governments invite neutral governments to break off diplomatic relations with Bolsheviks and to control spread of Bolshevik propaganda, among other ways, by bringing pressure to bear on banks to cut off Bolshevik financial transactions. He further recommends that the Associated Governments formally inquire of neutral governments whether the latter will cooperate against Bolsheviks in Russia or remain neutral and in the latter [eventuality] that the Associated Governments threaten continued blockade pressure against neutrals and exclude them from the general reconstruction conference provided that it has been intended to admit them thereto.

I learn that conferences are at present taking place among Norwegian bankers to consider ways and means to eliminate any financial transactions involving Bolshevik funds and that the general feeling among the bankers is that something should be done in this direction as the most effective way of crippling Bolshevik activities. I expect to hear in a day or two what measures may be decided on.

I regard it as open to question whether it is expedient to bring about withdrawal of neutral diplomatic missions from Russia. My [Page 727] French colleague informs me that his Government desires continued presence of neutral legations there to protect foreign interests, there being a considerable number of French citizens still in Russia.

In any case it does not seem desirable that the United States should take part in any policy in this connection which involves bringing to bear on neutrals for the purpose indicated the kind of pressure contemplated in British Chargé d’Affaires’ recommendations to his Government.

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