File No. 811.111/2004

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis)


2045. … Take visa declarations of alien emigrants of laboring class who entirely convince you by evidence of origin, occupation, and object of emigration that they may safely come to United States, and refer declarations to Department in duplicate with full [Page 724] report in triplicate, where report is necessary, by mail, unless applicant is prepared to defray cost of telegrams. Refuse visa in all other emigrant cases.

Obtain previous approval Department before visaing passports of other aliens, including merchants, commercial travelers, and persons en route to other countries through United States, submitting declarations to Department in same manner as in case of alien emigrants. Department desires you to submit to it for its previous approval cases only of persons whose applications for visa you yourself approve. All others should be finally refused visa by you. You may refuse visas finally without referring to Department, if you consider there are sufficient reasons, or if you suspect, though without tangible evidence, the purpose of the journey. …

Inform Consuls, including Consul at Helsingfors, if possible. Department is likewise telegraphing him, also Vladivostok, direct. …