File No. 861.00/2849

The Minister in Peru ( McMillin) to the Secretary of State


Your telegram of September 20, 6 p.m. In reply to my note Minister for Foreign Affairs has made in part the following reply: [Page 699]

I take pleasure in informing you of the fact that my Government will not find it inconvenient to agree with your excellency’s Government not to recognize officially nor to enter into international relations of any kind with any power organized in Russia by the initiations or with the participation of those responsible for the system of terrorism now prevailing; to consider these men as criminals and outlawed by their own deeds; to deny them asylum in our national territory; and to agree in view of the fact that the true character of the crimes of which they are guilty is not political, to concede the extradition of the guilty ones should the duly authorized governments in order to punish them so request.

The community ideals and doctrines existing between the Peruvian Government and Government of the United States and the solidarity cemented between them by the attitude taken by Wilson’s government during the European war might be again shown in taking this action in favor of the fundamental rights of men and by our common sympathy and support for the régime of peoples.

I am forwarding a full reply by mail.1

  1. Not printed.