File No. 861.00/385

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1375. Petrograd Council Workmen’s and Soldiers’ Deputies after heated, protracted discussion last night sustained Provisional Government by vote of 580 to 160 passing resolution containing the following:

Kronstadt revolutionaries will be branded as traitors and apostates to Russian democracy unless they immediately and unconditionally recognize the authority of the Provisional Government.

Minister of Labor and Minister Post and Telegraph participated, supporting resolution. Extreme socialists, called Bolsheviks, fought bitterly, asserting if resolution passed would cause killing of four hundred naval officers now in prison at Kronstadt by [sailors].

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General Gurko commanding northern front demoted to division commander when offering resignation because dissatisfied with regulations promulgated by new Minister of War. Resignation refused and Gurko told that only his previous record prevented his being degraded to common soldier. Such ministerial decrees demonstrate growing strength of Ministry. Petrograd Council of Workmen’s and Soldiers’ Deputies has membership of 2,750 selected on basis of one member for every hundred workmen and one member for every military company. Members not chosen for definite term but removed whenever they displease their constituents. Similar council in every Russian manufacturing city.