File No. 861.00/2690

The Chargé in Sweden ( Whitehouse) to the Secretary of State


2845. The Swedish Government Foreign Office has sent me copy of telegram received from Swedish Consul General at Moscow with the comment that the telegram lacks a date, was certainly delayed and very much garbled.

Telegram states that American colony at Moscow consists of about 15 people of whom 10 will leave for Petrograd and probably later [Page 671] all will go. Consul Poole, Wardwell of the Red Cross and Anderson, presumably of the Y.M.C.A., will be held temporarily.1

English colony comprises 800 people of whom 90 are ready to go and 300 have decided to leave later. The rest intend to remain. The consular staff and diplomatic missions, in all 7 persons including Lockhart, are detained on the pretext of having committed a political offense and 20 are imprisoned as hostages.

There are 1,000 persons in the French colony, 250 of whom wish to leave, 350 are uncertain, the rest desire to remain. The consular staff, 20 military persons, 18 officers including the military attaché, 48 men, are detained likewise for political offenses. Further, 28 civilians are detained as hostages.

There are 750 Italians; 450 are ready to leave including the Consul General, an officer of the Military Mission, and the consular staff. Fourteen persons are detained but will probably be released.

  1. Cf. telegram No. 9 of Sept. 25 from Consul Poole, post, p. 673.