File No. 119.2/479

The Chargé in Sweden ( Whitehouse) to the Secretary of State


2652. Swedish Foreign Office communicates following telegrams from our Consul General in Moscow:2

[Page 645]

One, dated August 6, saying he has received no important communication from the Department since July 1 and that judging from one unimportant radio received at least twenty-four telegrams are missing.

His second telegram dated August 9, states as follows:

Japanese Consul General was able to leave yesterday evening and will submit detailed report to Associated Governments. It is probable that I also could leave alone but I refuse to do so: (1) because it is possible that American influence may help to protect British and French representatives, who are exposed to severe reprisals; (2) because there are certain advantages in remaining here, if possible, in spite of the personal danger. The liberation of a large number of French and English citizens, arrested as hostages, has been obtained, and the condition of the ninety persons still in prison is improving, thanks to the efforts of the Swedish Consul General and the International and American Red Cross. Stevens of the National City Bank is in Moscow and most of his people have joined Y.M.C.A. for service with International Red Cross. The same protection has been obtained for the personnel of the Y.M.C.A.

  1. See footnote 1, ante, p. 641.