File No. 861.00/2237

The Consul at Moscow ( Poole ) to the Secretary of State 1


German Ambassador Count Mirbach assassinated about 3 p.m. yesterday by two unknown persons who were admitted to his office on [Page 573] presentation of paper, presumably forged, from a department of the Soviet government. Have not yet been arrested. Assassination comes as logical consequence of violent anti-German outburst by left Social Revolutionaries in All-Russian Soviet Congress. While characterizing act as provocation by “Russian, English, French imperialism,” official Bolshevik announcement states that the assassin was member of legislation [left Socialist-Revolutionists]. Moscow telegraph station and apparently other strategic points in [hands] of left Social Revolutionary Party. Social Revolutionists have seized city. Fighting in progress. Impossible at present to estimate importance of outbreak.

  1. Sent via the Embassy in France; by wireless from Moscow to Paris.