File No. 861.00/2096

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis )


210. Your 140, 249 and 258.1 Following for your information: Semenov’s movement has been defeated for the time and he has retreated to vicinity of Chinese border. Admiral Kolchak began movement towards Pogranichnaya and Vladivostok but without tangible success and reported to have resigned. General Horvat reported to have removed his residence to Peking to conduct further negotiations regarding operation of Chinese Eastern Railway. Part of Stevens force still working on Chinese Eastern and balance at Nagasaki.

July 4 United States had over 1,000,000 troops in France, expected to have twice that number by the end of the year. Every effort being made to shift to Allies balance of man power on western front.

Red Cross negotiating for relief ship to Archangel. Comprehensive plans being discussed for other economic and social assistance. Trial shipment of 50,000 pairs of shoes to Moscow Supply Committee for delivery at Omsk approved. Shipment will be made to Dairen. Poole being informed that committee is to have representatives at Dairen and also at Omsk. Department desires you to report on success of distribution which will follow arrival shoes at Dairen in September.

These measures will indicate that your recommendations are receiving attention and are being followed where conditions observed here make it practicable to do so.

Department is also in close touch with Masaryk who organized Czech forces which are determined to fight Austro-Germans and not fellow Slavs except when provoked in self-defense.

The danger of a conservative reaction has always been in the background as a possible development and to the advantage of Central powers and likely therefore to receive their support. Department has heard nothing from you or Moscow since June 24. Have you seen Moscow telegram to Department, 628, June 12, reporting judgment regarding attitude of cooperative societies in European Russia and Siberia?2 The situation is exceedingly complex and [Page 572] Department confides in your judgment to present clearly the constant shifting of events.

Hereafter Department proposes to send you at least once a week a résumé of information from other parts of Russia and of the chief events in the battle area to assist you in seeing as a whole the vast problem of which Russia forms such an important element.

The last week has seen papers filled with reports from German sources of assassination of Tsar, overthrow of Bolsheviki at Moscow and establishment of counter-revolutionary government at Omsk under leadership of Grand Duke Michael, brother of Tsar.

Japan signifies intention in Far East of acting only in harmony with Allies and specially with this Government and gives repeated evidences of good faith in this purpose.

Please acknowledge receipt.

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