File No. 861.00/2329

The Assistant Secretary of State ( Phillips ) to Mr. Miles of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

Dear Mr. Miles : Sookine 1 tells me this morning that it will be necessary to determine within the next two or three days whether we will receive in this country the following prominent Russians now preparing to come: Kerensky, Tereshchenko, Maklakov, Burtsev, and Efremotov. He says that, anyway, the French are planning to bring to the United States Kerensky and Tereshchenko. He said there was no way of stopping Kerensky without a great deal of publicity which would be utilized in Russia as showing that the United States was not in favor of receiving him which would be [Page 568] unfortunate. Sookine thought the best thing to do would be to have Kerensky accompanied by these other men and in this way cover him to a certain extent. He tells me that Minor, a representative of the Social Revolutionist Party, is coming and that the French Government believe it would be desirable to have Izvolski also. Apparently the idea in contemplation is that America should receive representatives of all parties in Russia that they should be amalgamated here.

W. P[hillips]
  1. Secretary attached to the Russian Embassy at Washington.