File No. 861.00/2104

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


289. Vosnesenski mentioned in my telegram No. 285, June 19, 9 p.m., taught Russian to Italian Ambassador ten years ago in Petrograd. Latter reports that Vosnesenski called and admitted Soviet government tottering and that he had been sent by Chicherin to Vologda to ascertain whether some arrangement with the Allied Governments was possible. He said that he expected no reply to nor action concerning, the notes demanding that the war vessels leave; stated additional severer note would be sent Murman but no reply expected and that Soviet government would do nothing; confessed Soviet government compelled to obey demands of Germany as it could offer no resistance and feared German advance. Vosnesenski furthermore said that central Soviet government ordered arrest of Japanese Ambassador when he left Vologda March 4 for Vladivostok, but Siberian Soviet government refused to comply because, as it replied, such action would precipitate Japanese invasion. [Page 565] Vosnesenski said Mirbach had offered German assistance against Czechs but was refused. French Ambassador received nothing more concerning agreement between Soviet government and Mirbach which reported consummated the day after Vosnesenski left Moscow. He proposed to Italian Ambassador as compromise that Czechs profess disarmament and guns be sent in care for delivery to Czechs in Mongolia but Italian Ambassador said Czechs would not trust Soviet government. Italian Ambassador asked Vosnesenski why Czechs not permitted to pass bearing arms and Soviet government stated that it was powerless to stop them; Vosnesenski replied that such order would be given if Czechs should go through Mongolia and not join Semenov as that would mean independent Siberia and Bolshevik overthrow. Vosnesenski will remain here several days.