File No. 861.00/2050

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


258. Have procured very confidential statement of principal organization mentioned last paragraph my 249, June 9, 6 p.m. After asserting Russia’s reerection possible only on national, religious and broad political foundations which been replaced by class and party interests and internationalism it states following principles:

Russian unity, integrity, power and economic independence with fidelity to international obligations.
Restoration of fighting forces under military discipline.
Autonomy of church and religious confessions with predominant places for Orthodox Church.
Restoration and protection private property and inviolability diplomatic rights.
Restoration strong central authority with local organs.
Establishment of broad democratic local self-government.
Development of productive forces by increasing people’s weakened labor capacity and guaranteeing individual enterprise.
Equitable broad social reforms in conformity with popular arrangement for [restoration] political forces.
Solution of land problem on the basis of maximum productiveness. This order to be founded on property principles but opposes unjustified concentration of land in individual hands.
Taxes in proportion to property owned.
Obligatory and free schools for all children of school age.
Advocates raising level culture and education.

Remainder of declaration affirms failure of revolution as demonstrated by experience of fifteen months; asserting Constituent Assembly is failure if not broken up through mutual hostility of socialistic parties, because rebelling [elected] under conditions violating elementary requirements for proper elections, on the basis of intricate electoral system bar [for] offices by population and composed of men incapable of creative constructive work.

It opposes new Constituent Assembly as composition thereof would be unequal to present changes, trying conditions. It asserts that destruction of monarchy and proclamation of self-government were perverted in minds of people to mean freedom from all oaths and responsibilities among Russians who for centuries had inseparably [Page 561] connected monarchy with law and order. While advocating restoration lawful lineal monarchy as only redemption from “anarchy and last stages destruction, degradation and beggary,” it provides conditions, however. Since April [ancient] autocratic form of government has red [lacked] force to solve the problems confronting a modern state, monarchy established should be limited by a popular government with legislative powers and control of budget. The Executive should be responsible to the houses of popular representatives and finally as a stage between present anarchistic conditions and form permanent organization, we must temporarily have a firm government receiving its power from the institutions of the people and the striving toward order; a government aiming to bring about the quickest possible reestablishment of order, safety of personal property, reestablishment of law. Courts and administration of any such ad interim government must possess sufficient force to insure this election.

This is [program] counter to revolutionary and its advocates would be shot without trial if apprehended.

Of course I made no commitment other than reiterating our policy of non-interference with internal affairs.

French Ambassador, Italian Minister going respectively Moscow and Petrograd to-day inform me that Paris conference June 1, attended by their Premiers and Lloyd George, favored immediate Russian intervention but agree to instruct Ambassadors Washington, Tokyo to present question to America and Japan with a view to immediate action which my colleagues including Japanese Chargé d’Affaires earnestly advocate.

My 140, May 2,1 so recommended on the ground that Soviet government would demand evacuation Murman but, that not yet occurring, am inclined to opinion that should await some overt act or demand by Soviet government before actively intervening. Probably Czechoslovak incident may justify such action, but can get no information thereof. Possibly interference with American enterprises throughout Russia might increase provocation.

General Poole who came on Olympia to Murman went thence to Archangel and expected Vologda 14th when I have called military conferences which be attended by French, Italian, Japanese chiefs of military missions.

Meantime I recommend energetic preparations for intervention.

Later. Just learned from French Ambassador that Czechs been ordered by Soviet government to disband and those not entering Red Army be compelled to work; this order replaces [probably] permits Czechs to go to France if disarmed.

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