File No. 861.00/1970

The Military Attaché in Russia ( Ruggles) to the War Department


22. In my opinion a crisis in relations of Allies with Russia rapidly approaching, due to German pressure. Germans tell Chicherin, Commissary Foreign Affairs, that German advance continued because they are convinced of secret agreement between Allies and [Page 517] Bolsheviks. They say if agreement broken they will cease advance and threatened moves and make new [treaty] with Bolsheviks on more favorable terms. Also offer instructors for new Red Army.

Bolshevik strategy employed attempting to force us to declare for or against them. German influence growing. Mirbach says Germany stands ready to help Russia actively and immediately in her unfortunate condition. German party in Russia gaining recruits of all classes. German Ambassador with imposing staff in touch with all elements. We are losing our favorable position in estimation Russian people by our complete failure. Had our railroad men been promptly sent here stores of enormous value to Germany could have been evacuated from Moscow and Petrograd” districts. Besides, our standing and influence would have been greatly improved. As it is there is very little that we can point out as having actually accomplished. I believe diplomatic representation in Moscow by Allies important, perhaps by officials there. This [would] offset German diplomacy which cannot be done from here nor from statements by Allied diplomatists for publication. Also that we should negotiate with Bolsheviks modus vivendi by consent to immediate Allied intervention through Siberia and northern ports; maintain military contact; establish commercial contact; have clear understanding of what Allied interests in Russia employed and what our policy is to be.

Unless something is done in the near future I believe that the Bolsheviks through German pressure will compel Allied diplomatic corps to leave Russia. Have sent Bukowski1 to Petrograd to assist British, French officers in evacuation of material.

Pershing informed.

  1. Lieut. P. I. Bukowski, Assistant Military Attaché