File No. 861.00/1813

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


136. French Consul, Moscow, wires French Ambassador that has learned unofficially but authoritatively that Soviet government will [Page 514] wait only three days for reply to radio demanding Noulens’s recall and if no reply received will submit matter to Council of Commissaires.

Following communication sent by Central Committee of Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party to national council of French Socialist Party also to parliamentary socialistic group:

At a time when the Bolshevik government, which exists only thanks to our conquerors the Germans, assumes under the pressure of the German Ambassador a provocative attitude toward the Allied powers and in particular toward France by making ultimatums of an offensive nature, which clash seriously with the docile servitude with which they carry out the orders of imperialistic Germany, the Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party sends to the French section of the Internationalists socialistic greetings and its protest against the spirit of the foreign policy of the actual dictators now in Russia.

The Socialist Revolutionary Party declares at the same time that the new party born “Communist” and the Bolshevik Party should for every reason be excluded from the Internationalist Party, in that they have trodden upon the most fundamental principles of democracy, resurrecting the worst forms of despotism and of violence, betraying the cause of international socialism by the infamous separate peace with the crowned despots of Central Europe, transforming Russia, humiliated, disarmed and crushed into a commissary department devoted to provisioning the German offensive against the west.

The Socialist Revolutionary Party free to thankfully acknowledge national sections of the international labor order will order their attitude toward the Bolshevik usurpers in accordance with this declaration made by our party which already written has the right to investigators [protest] in the name of all the Russian working class having had an absolute majority at the Constituent Assembly, the power of which will rise again in spite of the bloody measures of repression exercised by the usurpers of power.

We beg the French comrades to make known this declaration to the Socialist Parties of the other Allied countries. Central Committee Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party.