File No. 861.00/1818

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


134. I saw no occasion for Noulens’s interview and feared would be criticized. Do not see how France can observe demand of unrecognized Soviet government for Noulens’s recall. Interview, whether Soviet demand observed or not, only hastens crisis of whether Soviet government breaks with Allies or with Germany. Am at a loss to know on what ground French, Italian, Belgian, Serbian missions could have returned to Russia after failure to get through Finland if American Embassy had not remained.

I am resolved not to quit Russia and will not [accept] order from Soviet to leave unless you so instruct. Plan to proceed eastward if possible, otherwise go Archangel where could ignore Soviet government if protected by American cruiser. Pleased to hear Olympia en route Murman. Urgently request you send cruiser Archangel immediately to provide for emergencies. Consul wires ice there broken and cruiser of twenty-foot draft sufficient. Furthermore think unwise to relinquish to British absolute control that port which is outlet for immense territory rich in resources. If impossible to send cruiser to Archangel, please order Olympia go Archangel on my request. Please answer.1

  1. Answered by telegram No. 180 of June 13, vol. ii, chap. ii.