File No. 861.00/1751

The Consul General at Moscow ( Summers) to the Secretary of State


440. Deliver the following message to Colonel House [from] Bullard:

April 30. I am convinced that Lenin in accord with German Ambassador is conducting diplomatic offensive against us with the intention of weakening our alliance with Japan. The newspaper he controls did utmost to cause split between America and Japan over Vladivostok incident. Now trying to isolate France from ourselves by individual attack on one Ambassador. If one Ambassador is recalled, Lenin will be encouraged attack Belgian, Serbian or American representatives. Allies should present united front. If one Ambassador is forced out all should go. [Lenin] faces dilemma. Our Russian friends, believing him a traitor, will not support him. He must abdicate or deliver the goods to the Germans. If he forces rupture of diplomatic relations, ourselves should occupy Archangel partly to protect immense quantities munitions, partly as rallying point for Russian friends. Joint Allied statement expressing friendship for Russian people, hostility to adventurers now in power who have delivered to Germans [omission]. The only alternative, some such energetic action, is full recognition of the Bolsheviki as legitimate government. Present undefined situation every day more difficult and undignified. But recognition of Bolsheviki means recognition of Brest Litovsk treaty which seems to me impossible. Such recognition would be blow to all healthy democratic elements in Russia, which seems to me betrayal our own ideals. Such recognition would be giving confidence to German tools, which seems to me foolish. This message should be immediately brought to attention Secretary of State.