File No. 861.00/1781

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


132. On account of numerous false statements purporting to emanate from American representatives or inspired by American Embassy, mainly I think German-inspired, I am making following statement:

I have paid no attention to the false rumors that have been circulating concerning the Embassy and myself for the past three weeks but have been curious to know their source and their object. I mean the reports concerning my differing with the Government at Washington and planning to return to America or quit Vologda. I have concluded that such rumors, false and utterly without foundations as they are, were not inspired by a friendly sentiment toward America or Russia, or for the promotions of friendly relations between these countries.

I only notice them now because the name of Colonel Robins has been mentioned in connection therewith. Colonel Robins and I are friends and understand each other thoroughly; we have the same object in view, which is to make the world safe for democracy, and we agree that such desirable end cannot be accomplished without the defeat of Germany.

It is necessary to state that the only authoritative expressions concerning American policy in Russia are given out by myself. This is the fifth public utterance since I arrived at Vologda on February 28. The first was concerning the separate peace of Brest Litovsk which my government did not recognize then nor since. The Russian [American?] people still consider themselves allies of the Russian people. The second was elicited by the landing of Japanese and British marines at Vladivostok. The third was on the same subject, and made after I had become acquainted with the facts attending such landing. The fourth was calling attention of the Russian [Page 509] people to wonderful progress America is making to defeat Germany. All other statements said to emanate from or be inspired by the American Embassy are wholly without foundation.