File No. 861.00/1697

The Consul General at Moscow ( Summers) to the Secretary of State


431. According official Soviet gazette German and Turkish Ambassadors called April 27 [26] accompanied by Chicherin on Chairman Sverdlov of All-Russian Central Executive Committee of Workmen’s, [Page 506] Soldiers’ and Peasants’ Deputies. Mirbach’s letter credence dated Berlin April 2 substantially as follows when translated from German to Russian and Russian into English:

After ratification peace treaty with Russian Federal Soviet Republic, Royal German Government decided send Russian Federal Soviet Republic a temporary diplomatic representative, the royal Ambassador, Count von Mirbach.

Count von Mirbach will execute task imposed on him of upholding peace and friendly relations between the two states and will bend all his efforts obtain confidence Government Russian Federal Republic.

Being convinced that he will be able meet fully tasks imposed on him, these credentials given and I allow myself beg they be graciously accepted and that he be shown entire confidence in everything he presents to you in name my Royal Sovereign or Royal Government. Hertling.

To the Government of the Russian Federal Soviet Republic.

Sverdlov replied:

In the name Russian Socialistic Federal Soviet Republic have honor welcoming in your person, Mr. Ambassador, representative of a power with which a peace treaty has been concluded at Brest, as result of which peace, so needed by the people, was established between the two states. Everything which hinders this peace must be overcome. To this end our Comissariat Foreign Affairs has sent a note, of which you also informed, Mr. Ambassador, to German Government sole purpose of which is to remove all dangers threatening peace.

I permit myself express hope that you, Mr. Ambassador, will take measures on your part solve question satisfactory and insure peace between German Government and Government Soviet Republic.

Turkish representative then presented letter dated Sublime Porte, April 4:

In compliance peace treaty Imperial Ottoman Government has right send a permanent mission to Russia immediately on ratification treaty. In expectation appointment permanent diplomatic representative Imperial Ottoman Government has authorized Halil Kem Ali Bey, the Ambassador Extraordinary, Minister Plenipotentiary at Athens, of His Highness the Sultan, to carry out diplomatic functions.

Not known precisely to what note Sverdlov refers in his address to Mirbach, but probably one relating to continued military advances and seizure of ships and forts.