File No. 811.142/3200

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


101. On Robins’s request, cabling in cipher following to American Embassy, Paris, for Davison, Red Cross:

3. Moscow, April 15. Thacher’s 7, April 10, received. Recent events emphasize recommendations for economic constructive program cooperation between Soviet government and America. Complete wiping out anarchist organized force, Moscow, final vindication Soviet internal control. Simply repeat cumulative conclusions for five months. Unless such cooperation between governmental meetings [authorities?], work ended May 1. Wardwell finishing milk distribution Petrograd. Webster returning from Siberian war-prisoner investigation, admirably done. Substance reports [sent to] Secretary of State, Washington, D. C, complete refutation prisoners-of-war scare. Hardy, Andrews here. All very well.

Received and forwarded to-day telegram from Thompson to Robins which R. evidently received previously direct, as it contained misleading excerpt cabled you in my 87, April 10, 10 p.m.1 Is Robins cabling Department direct or otherwise than through Embassy?

  1. Vol. iii, chap. iii.