File No. 861.00/1449

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


69. After two conferences, two hours each, of Allied Ambassadors with military attachés, we agreed to permit officers to continue technically assisting in formulating plan for new army while adroitly making suggestions in order to organize real army. This concluded after much discussion. My colleagues advocated first demanding guarantees such as like treatment for our respective nationals to that granted Germans in peace treaty and consent to Japanese intervention, but finally consented defer demanding such guarantees and to cable their Governments advising against Japanese intervention for the present. Majority military attaches think can soon induce Soviet to request Japanese and other Allied intervention. I also think same possible, but the Allies should be prepared to act promptly in any event. News permeates Russia’s enormous area and immense population slowly, as does conviction Russian mentality, but when peace terms known and comprehended in all their severity, Russion pride, if any surviving, should inspire violent antipathy to Germany. I am forwarding protests against Brest peace from Moscow Soviet, also Russian nobility. Patience and vigilance required and I am endeavoring to exercise both.

I think ambassadorial colleagues returned reluctantly and following instructions consequently impatiently inclined to press Soviet. [Lockhart] is the only English representative in Russia except a few military officers; he was formerly consul Moscow but returned to England and was sent here after Buchanan’s departure as reputed [Page 494] personal representative Lloyd George. [Lockhart] was informed by Balfour himself that latter cabled you asking consent to Japanese invasion and he made rejoinder that such be tragic mistake now and asked Balfour if such policy would be changed if he could secure promise that war be declared against Germany within six weeks.

This peace can not prevail long. While Germany occupied on western front, Soviet government should be encouraged to prepare for resumption hostilities and when begun, Allies, including Japan, will be asked to assist and should be ready. Moral effect of even four hundred American marines coming with Japan be great from every viewpoint.