File No. 701.7161/1

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2233. Nineteen heads of missions visited Lenin by appointment, 4 p.m., at Smolny and presented following in French through myself as dean:

The undersigned chiefs of diplomatic missions of all the nations represented in Russia, viz.: United States, Japan, France, Sweden, [Page 478] Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Siam, China, Serbia, Portugal, Argentine Republic, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Persia, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Great Britain, profoundly indignant at the arrest of M. Diamandi, Minister of Rumania, and affirming the unanimity of their sentiments on the subject of the violation of diplomatic immunities respected for centuries by all governments, demand the immediate liberty of M. Diamandi and of the members of his Legation.

Then follow in order above-named signatures of all the chiefs.

Arriving Smolny were promptly admitted and pleasantly received by Lenin to whom I introduced colleagues, each by title, and when all seated I presented above demand. On Lenin beginning to explain assassination [arrest] caused by Rumania’s killing and starving Russian soldiers I stated we would not discuss causes or justification but only the principle involved. French Ambassador then entered into conversation, also Belgian Minister and Serbian; Belgian stating feelingly, Serbian emotionally, that notwithstanding outrages in their countries diplomatic immunity never violated. I finally told Lenin, who had said arrest was made to avoid war between Rumania, Russia, that retention of Minister would be more likely to promote than prevent war and would weaken his government in Russia and throughout the world. He said that if I thought so he would refer matter to Council of People’s Commissioners and when French Ambassador said we must have prompt reply Lenin said would telephone American Ambassador this evening. Am now awaiting advice which think will be favorable. Many chiefs including British and French and Japanese said would ask their Governments to authorize request of passport if Minister not released. Am not prepared to say what I would do, depends on what I think effect would be on separate peace. Have you any instructions?