File No. 861.00/1302½

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


7. Just received your unnumbered undated cable giving message of President to people of Russia which Summers is instructed to convey through Soviet Congress, and have repeated same to him, authorizing its conveyance, lest his cable delayed. I think utterance well framed, timely, and hope it will be enthusiastically received.

[Page 398]

Bolshevik name changed to Communist Party. Trotsky remaining in charge of Petrograd as Commissaire of People’s Revolutionary Commune. Lenin and other commissaires gone to Moscow.

Robins brought me from Trotsky written series of questions asking, in event of war caused by conference’s refusing to ratify, or by Germany’s breaking treaty and resuming offensive, or by Soviet government’s being compelled by Germany’s behavior to repudiate peace treaty and resume military operation:

Is support of United States, Great Britain and France assured Soviet government?
In what way could support be expressed in shortest period and on what terms, meaning war supplies, transportation facilities, and other supplies?
In particular and especially in what way would the assistance of the United States be expressed?

Also unnumbered question of what measures Allies and especially United States would take to “practically interfere with a Japanese invasion in our Far East and assure uninterrupted connection with Russia via Trans-Siberian Railway.” Also what [assistance] “in our opinion” in such a contingency would Great Britain render from Murman and Archangel? Furthermore, “what steps could Great Britain undertake to assure this help and thereby remove the ground for rumors of unfavorable intentions of Great Britain towards Russia in immediate future?”

Document unsigned. Final clause follows:

All above-stated questions are put on basis of self-understood supposition that the internal and foreign policy of Soviet government continues to be directed by principles of international socialism, and preserves its entire independence regarding all non-Socialist governments.

This document received midnight 8th, when my March 9, 2 a.m., cable immediately framed and forwarded. If Department thinks above questions require reply in addition to President’s message, shall transmit same to Trotsky through Robins when received.