File No. 861.00/281

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1103. Abdication of Emperor and King [acting] for himself and son officially promulgated. It advocates vigorous prosecution of the war which it fears internal turmoils threaten to affect unhappily and states:

In accordance with the Imperial Duma we have considered it well abdicate the throne of the Russian Empire and to renounce the supreme authority. Not wishing to part with our beloved son we transfer our inheritance to our brother the Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich and bless [him] on mounting the throne of the Russian Empire.

Milyukov is recognized by the Foreign Office staff. High member of staff tells me Emperor’s brother replied would accept Imperial office if Russia so desired and would exercise its functions under direction of representatives of the people. Workingmen’s committee still inveighing against monarchy and demanding social[ist] republic. Orderly quiet prevails to-day, no dissensions reported throughout all Russia. Summers2 says revolutionary party in absolute control Moscow without bloodshed.

  1. Maddin Summers, Consul General at Moscow.