File No. 861.00/1251

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


Wright leaving to-night eastward and after spending one day with portion of staff now awaiting orders at [Vereshchagino] will proceed to Harbin and there await instructions from you or myself. Main object sending him is keep close touch with eastern conditions, observe corps movements, inform Stevens concerning railroad situation. Shall miss him greatly. Bailey will return to me from V. if health permits if not will accompany Wright.

Trotsky sent French officer here to ask me what moral and material assistance Allies could render if peace not ratified at Moscow conference March 12. I am sending military attaché and Riggs to Petrograd to-night to confer with Soviet government which realizes its helplessness if peace not ratified as Lenin, Trotsky both think will be the case and I concur. I have invited Japanese Chargé d’Affaires to send Japanese military attaché with mine to Petrograd which he now considering.

American Consul Helsingfors wires British Embassy at Tammerfors and experiencing difficulty in getting through lines between White and Red Guards and French Embassy planning to pursue same route but difficulties hourly increasing. Developments appear to demonstrate wisdom of my coming here and remaining here for present.

I have instructed military attaché to assure Soviet government that I will recommend moral and material cooperation provided organized resistance is sincerely established which will give promise of retarding German advance and engaging attention of troops who would otherwise be sent western front.

This change of front by Soviet affects my recommendation concerning Archangel, Murmansk, Vladivostok whose capture now would be unwise; nevertheless Allies should be prepared to take those ports if developments justify.