File No. 861.00/1231

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


Awaiting here action of Moscow Soviet conference on separate peace, which am exerting influence discreetly to have rejected. Have ordered Huntington to Irkutsk to keep me advised. Communicated direct with organization Siberian republican party which [omission] on [omissions] but independent of [omission] slack government. Contemplating sending Wright home to report fully concerning Russian situation, but undecided yet.

What United States forces at or near Vladivostok? Japanese Ambassador told Siamese Minister, replying to inquiry, that Japanese troops would not be sent into Siberia unless given a real benefit [omission] of their own movements and guaranteed possession for [omission] after the war ends meaning probably five years, probably forever.

Martin [telegraphs?] from Murmansk February [omissions] to military attaché [omission] British admiral [omission] told him had wired England for 6,000 troops to protect situation and asked our American military attaché to support request through our military [attaché] London. Martin went from Archangel by sleigh stopping at twenty-one villages where he found anti-Bolshevik sentiment strong and great opposition to German peace terms, and expressed opinion that independent government likely to be proclaimed.

These some of the reasons why I contemplate sending Wright home to explain and why think I should remain in Russia.

Hope my action approved.