File No. 861.00/1164

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2400. Pursuant to my 2395, February 20, 3 p.m., Germans still advancing. Five Allied Ambassadors have agreed to prepare for departure on short notice, Allied Ministries likely to concur. British going via Murmansk, Japanese and myself via Vladivostok, French and Italian undecided. Trying to secure a special train for Japanese, Chinese and American. Planning to stop en route Vologda and another place if safe; awaiting developments Harbin or Vladivostok where I shall advise Department of conditions and get instructions. Unwilling to absolutely abandon Russia to Germans.

Soviet government demoralized, indorsed at meeting evening 19th, with practical unanimity, radio sent by Lenin and Trotsky to Berlin but Central Executive Committee last evening disapproved of radio and are now considering formation of new government exclusive of Lenin and Trotsky and if formed will attempt to oppose German advance but such resistance be farcical. Do not know when Germans will take Petrograd but such is their intention and any hour may see uprising here in German interest, sufficient German and Austrian prisoners available to form larger army than the Red Guard; Petrograd garrison numbering 50,000 or more refused to oppose German advance.

Lenin, Trotsky may possibly not have been Germany’s agents continuously but if had been could not have played more successfully into Germany’s hands. Last revolution has materially set back cause of democracy in Europe and if Allies cannot prevent will result in making Russia virtually German province of monarchical form. I earnestly urge that we assume control Vladivostok and British and French take control Murmansk and Archangel in order to prevent supplies thereat falling into German hands.

History shows Russians incapable of great movements or great achievements as whatever creditable has been accomplished can be traced to foreign inspiration and leadership. Now is the time for Allies to act. Am greatly interested in immediate developments and shall keep Department thoroughly advised if possible.

Probably advisable to hold transport Thomas until my arrival Harbin but have no intention of returning myself unless so ordered which trust not be the case.