File No. 861.00/995

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2259. Continuing my 2255. Assembly which adjourned at 6 p.m. yesterday excluded from Duma not attempting entrance when advised by committee would be refused. Central Committee of Commissaries issued a decree dissolving Constituent Assembly because counterrevolutionary bourgeois influenced and not acknowledging result of October revolution1 which demonstrated that all power rests with Workmen-Soldiers-Peasants’ Soviet.

Shall advise Allied chiefs, meeting this afternoon, to take no action concerning Assembly, certainly not until further developments. Social Revolutionists had decided majority in Assembly voting solidly on every proposition but Soviet were organized more; Cossacks had giant power and used it.

Trotsky not returned. Reported that the chief German commissioners left Petrograd for Brest but unconfirmed. Impossible to say what effect on Soviet government or Assembly. Political conditions astounding, outrages in my 22582 had been confirmed [omission].

  1. November revolution, if the new-style calendar is used.
  2. Not printed; reported the murder by Red Guards in a hospital at Petrograd of A. I. Shingarev and F. F. Kokoshkin, cabinet members of the Provisional Government and delegates to the Constituent Assembly.