File No. 861.00/979

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2252. Called meeting Embassy to-day of Allied chiefs of missions France, England, Italy, Japan, Rumania, Belgium, Portugal, Serbia, China, Greece, Siam, and Brazil attending. After stating thought meetings should be held oftener for conferences and perhaps concerted action, told them meeting of the Constituent Assembly appointed for to-day was crisis in Russian affairs and seriously affected Allied interests. Stated the occasion merited thought and solicitude by us and that if they did not think it advisable to attend opening [Page 351] in a body asked what they thought of my going. Explained that Constituent Assembly looked upon as supreme authority in Russia and if untrammeled would represent free will of the Russian people, which my Government desirous to have expressed. After prolonged discussion decided advisable no one should attend to-day but to meet again to-morrow after giving subject mature deliberation and learning first-day proceedings. Meantime Japanese Ambassador and English Chargé d’Affaires reported had not arrived on time because compelled to make detour to avoid street fights which in progress during our deliberations. All expressed appreciation of being assembled and importance of the subject submitted.