File No. 861.00/975

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2241. From published accounts here of speeches at Brest by Hoffmann, Kühlmann, and Trotsky it appears that negotiations for separate peace have nearly reached breaking point; in such event I shall recommend assistance be extended to whatever power may be in control of forces opposing Central Empires, as importance of keeping Russia in the war in my judgment growing daily.

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Preparation being made by Soviet for demonstration on convening Constituent Assembly 18th; four machine guns installed in the National Duma where convention meets.

Social Revolutionary meeting held yesterday to which sent unofficial representative. Speakers generally favored peace, suggesting proposition by Assembly to Allies for general peace on terms outlined in President’s last speech, some advocating liberty of independent action if Allies fail to participate. Some speakers said Assembly would severely criticize attempt of Soviet to negotiate separate peace. Lenin thinks attempt to kill him instigated by Germans who he claims are furnishing money to Social Revolutionists in hope they will be more pliable than Soviet when in power.

Your 19881 received to-day, deciphered and having attention.

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