File No. 861.00/937

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2212. Visited French Ambassador yesterday. Had no more intelligence concerning American purchasing grain; I asked Jenkins to report thereon.

[Page 336]

Said France desired to recognize Ukrainia but his Government had cabled Ministers [in] England and Italy suggesting or requesting concerted action.

Robins, who visits Smolny often, says Trotsky en route Brest addressed four armies who received him cordially and pledged themselves to fight rather than submit to disgraceful peace. Ukrainian delegation admitted to peace conference which very significant and indicates Soviet abandoning policy of all-Russian subjection. Soviet government recognized Finnish independence but retaining passport officials at border.

Beginning to think separate peace improbable perhaps impossible and inclined to recommend simultaneous recognition of Finland, Ukraine, Siberia, perhaps Don Cossacks Province and Soviet as de facto government of Petrograd, Moscow and vicinity. Understand another government organizing at Archangel and comprising territory equal to England, France and Germany combined. More later.